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No matter where you live, you make your home your own. From the welcoming floor mat to the interior decorations you've collected over the years, you are what makes your house into a home. With Glenn Mustain Construction's quality stick built homes, we can construct for you a design that is unique and reflects your own personal style and personality.

Quality construction for your home with all the components built on-site
Owner Glenn Mustain is a seasoned home builder, with over 35 years experience in the industry as an ex-union carpenter after he started building homes in 1979 around the Gulf of Mexico in Texas. Unlike factory-built homes, your stick home will be constructed around the location it is established within and your own design.

Take advantage of 100% transparent contracts
As our customer, our focus is not on the bid for your home. We itemize and detail the total description of the job. Every aspect in the contract is gone over together so you know what you are paying before the document is signed.

Feel right at home with our service.
Feel right at home in your house

We are fully licensed and insured.
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10960 Dickerson Mill Road
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