Grenadier Technologies, Inc. is an information technology service provider, focused on providing the best solutions for your technical problems.

Our professional services range from simple PC repair to complex network infrastructure design.

We emphasize molding our services to fit your needs and include you in every aspect of the decision-making process. This, along with our dedication to perfection, ensures your complete and unconditional satisfaction with Grenadier Technologies, Inc.

Why Grenadier?

The Grenadier staff is comprised of Microsoft and CompTIA certified personnel with over a decade of field experience.

We also understand the cost of downtime that results from improper planning, and we acknowledge that constant communications is a key in producing informed solutions regarding our service; therefore, our goal is to immediately implement effective solutions after making proper evaluations involving you and your demands.

With this in mind, we are confident that your experience with us will make you a Grenadier Customer for life.

At Grenadier Technologies, we provide all aspects of technology in today's business world. Servers, LAN and WAN networking, Network Security, Data backup, Workstation repairs and upgrades are just a few of the many services that we provide.

Business Services

    • LAN Setup (CAT 5e and wireless)
    • Server setup and installation
    • Business Networking
    • Data Backup
    • Networking Security
    • Workstation Repair / Upgrades
    • Antiviral and hacking prevention
    • Server Engineering
    • Kiosk Systems
    • Custom PC Design

Computer and Business Security

Grenadier Technologies provides a vast amount of networking security. This would include, inside hacking, outside (remote) hacking, Trojans, Virus Trojans, computer warez and more.

Other services include:
Active security sweeps, scans for rogue stations (unauthorized LAN access), router and server configurations.

Networking Services

At Grenadier Technologies, we provide many types of business engineering for a wide array of clients. from designing and installing Cat 5e and Cat 6 networks, to upgrading your existing network to 100 MB system, we can provide you with the best solution that can help your business grow. Small / Medium sized business LAN, server and broadband setup.

We accept cash & checks and are available after hours for emergencies!



Business Information

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Salem, VA 24153


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