Sumdat Farm Market & Wine Shop
209-A Market Street
Roanoke VA 24011

Sumdat Farm Market is located on Market Street in the center of the Historic Market in downtown Roanoke. We opened our doors in 1991, and focus our energies on supplying the Roanoke area with the finest quality local products.


We have an extensive selection of local, national, and international craft beer (250+) and wine . We carry a wide array of other Virginia products, such as peanuts, ham, candies, raw honey, preserves, butter and cheese, to list a few. We recently added organic and gluten free products.




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Ravi Wine Chiller: 
Chills wine or spirits immediately,
store in your freezer and put it on your
bottle of warm wine or liquor for
 immediate chilling as your pour.

Decantus Aerator:
Place in bottle and
pour...Aerator reduces
sulfites up to 56% -
easy to clean.

Haley's Corker
(Our favorite corker):
Aerates, filters cork  
particles, no-drip pouring,
and re-corks.

Vino Drill with Foil Cutter:
Battery operated, pulls cork
out of bottle and off the
corkscrew with the
push of a button.

Vineyard Fresh Wine Preserver:
2 pumps of preserver (100%
odorless argon gas) into your bottle, 
cork it and it will last for weeks.

4-Blade Foil Cutter
Makes your life just a bit simpler
by getting you quickly and safely
to the cork of your wine bottle.


Bottle Bubble Freezer Bag:
Keep you wine cold or chill
your wine on the go. Just freeze
the bag and insert the wine.

Wild Habiscus Flowers in Syrup:
All natural, edible flower that
works great as a champagne
or Moscato wine garnish.


Port Wine Sippers:
Set of 4 sippers that work
great with any port style wine,
scotch,brandy or liquor.


Hopside Down Beer Mug:
Double walled borosilicate
glass mug that keeps your
beer chilled.


Wine Stoppers:
The Wine Splash
Silicone Corks (4)

The Rock Glass:
The perfect gift for those who like their liquor
on the rocks. Fill the ice mould with water
and freeze.The ball rolls around the central
 ROCK when you tilt the glass.



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(540) 982-2164
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Hours of Operation 10am - 6pm Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Monday.
209-A Market Street
Roanoke VA 24011
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